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Games such as pinball games have already become so familiar and familiar to everyone that they seem to have always been. But pinball games also have their own story that deserves attention. Moreover, a lot of interesting facts are hidden in it.

The essence of pinball games

What is the essence of pinball games? In order to score points by directing metal balls or several balls on the playing field. The playing field in the pinball is covered with glass, and the ball is sent using special paws called flippers.

Pinball is an arcade game. In this game it is important to earn as many points as possible, and it depends on what places the ball will fall on the playing field. Also, the goal of pinball games is the duration of the game, which can be increased by extra-ball balls and by keeping the ball on the game as long as possible after. A way to increase the duration of the game can be getting replay or a bonus game.

The history of pinball games

Pinball did not appear as a separate game. It became a derivative of many games, the essence of which was the gameplay in the open air, consisting in rolling balls or stones on the grass. Balls or stones were rolled with a bat or stick. This type of game includes croquet known to all, and bowling.

Those versions of such games that eventually developed into a desktop form, and became the progenitors of pinball games.

Historians call the game, from which pinball itself later developed, which was popular in the time of Louis the Fourteenth game “bagatelle”. During that period of French history, they came up with the idea of making a table version of a billiard table, restricting it with pins to its edges so that the ball would not pop out of the table, and pockets were provided on the table itself, for hitting which the player earned different points. The game got its name from the name of the Chateau De Bagatelle estate, where for the first time guests were offered to have fun in this way.

And pinball games appeared in 1871, when in the USA the field for Bagatelle was improved, equipped with springs and a plunger was made instead of a cue. It was these innovations that later became the pinball game.

Modern pinball games

More recently, in the cinemas and shopping centers of the Western world, one could find tables and electronic gaming machines for pinball games. But with the advent of online games in our lives, pinball got a new breath. Now pinball games can play absolutely everything for free, and for this you do not need to go to the slot machine hall. To do this, just open the browser and enjoy free online games.

But all these innovations have not made pinball less popular: more and more users around the world are playing this type of game. It is believed that pinball is the most popular game of office workers. The game version is installed in standard office suites of any operating system or can be installed for free.