The brutal studio games category contains games created by a development team called Brutal Studio. These are special games made by special people.

Game Developer Brutal Studio

The guys from Brutal Studio have been creating computer games for ten years. They offer different genre options for brutal studio games, so on their website everyone will find something interesting for themselves, both boys and adults.

Brutal Studio is an example of a low-cost company and a zero-based start-up. According to the developers themselves, they didn't have a dime when they started. This was their disadvantage, but it also allowed them to maintain their independence in the harsh world of the computer gaming industry.

Brutal Studio in faces: who are these people?

Brutal Studio was founded by four people, whom the company proudly introduced and described on its website. It is worth getting to know these people better, because their imagination and their hard work is behind each of the brutal studio games.

Mario Boutin is the main artist on the team. He is also the voice of almost all games. Also, Mario Boutin speaks to the whole world on behalf of the entire development team. The guys say that if you have heard Mario at least once in your life, then you will definitely want to talk to him again. The guys also consider it necessary to mention that Mario Boutin is the champion of the armwrestling company and warn that it is better not to mess with him in this sport.

Carl Spooner - this person is officially recognized by the guys as the main brain of the Brutal Studio company. This person is engaged in programming, writes codes for all brutal games. The guys say that Carl Spooner speaks absolutely every programming language known to the world.

Chriss Martin is both an artist and a programmer. The guys joke about who Criss's real talent is - giving out bad ideas. But amazing things come out of these ideas. Also the brutal studio games team claims that Chriss Martin wrote his first game on a calculator.

Yan Lepage is an artist, illustrator, and also a person whom the brutal studio games team calls a living encyclopedia, because he knows everything. The guys also say that Yan Lepage is a very cool designer.

What brutal studio games do we have?

Among the genres represented on the brutal studio games site are shooter games and action games, casual games, and simply fun games created for fun. But in each of these genres, the creators tried to add some element that would make their game original and unlike any other.

All these games have distinctive features: brutal studio games can be recognized by the stylish original graphics, interesting music and very high quality and stylish design. If you are interested in games, then start with the newspaper boy saga. You will surely enjoy this game so much that you will come back to it again and again.