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More mysterious heroes than samurai and ninja are hard to remember. The existence of samurai is shrouded in mystery behind seven seals, and what we know about them is more like school stereotypes. But samurai are such popular characters that a huge number of samurai games have been created, and new and new ones appear every day.

Among the genres of games in which the main characters are samurai, all kinds of action genres are represented.

Who are samurai?

In ancient Japan, samurai were men who were feudal lords, were wealthy and led a secular lifestyle. Samurai in most cases were minor nobles who, if necessary, could take up military service. The word “samurai” itself means “to serve”, therefore, the belonging of the samurai to military service has a major role.

Samurai were a kind of Japanese knights, served under the larger nobles, who were their suzerain, and also served as bodyguards for their overlord and performed the duties of his servants.

Samurai used special weapons: they always had two daishos, Japanese swords - wakizashi and katana. Also, the samurai was required to be fluent in archery. The difference between the samurai was his armor made of plates, plates that were connected with laces.

The image of the samurai is firmly entrenched in literature and art. A lot of films and TV series about the samurai and their adventures have been shot.

What samurai are famous for?

The main characters of samurai games date back to 646. There are many legends and stories about samurai, many of which are reflected in samurai games. But most of these stories are nothing more than stereotypes and fairy tales.

Many people think that a samurai in real life was almost impossible to meet. But historians laugh and say that during the heyday of samurai culture, their number was 10% of the total population of Japan.

Also, do not assume that samurai only knew how to fight, although most samurai games are devoted specifically to fights and battles. Among the samurai there were many poets and writers, farmers and politicians, they had large families.

The samurai had four characteristics that were their hallmarks:

- unattainable high level of military skills,
- sincere and complete devotion to its owner, up to self-sacrifice.
- superiority of the samurai class over all other categories and classes of the population,
- a samurai in his life obeyed bushido or the code of honor.

What are samurai games?

Among fans of online samurai games there are many who are not only fans of online games, but also interested in Japanese culture. Such people are not limited to games in the traditional games genre of fights and battles. They enjoy playing creative coloring and drawing games, logic and mind games.

Quite a few samurai games cannot be attributed to any particular genre. They represent multi-level arcades and quests, adventures and even detective games.

Whichever genre samurai games belong to, they guarantee an immersion in Japanese culture and an opportunity to experience the secrets of samurai life and culture.