All games in this category are dedicated to skiing. If you have never skied because there is no snow in the region where you live, then it will be especially interesting for you to play online skiing games.

What is skiing?

Skiing is an amazing invention. People also came up with in order to make it easier for themselves to move through the snow. These are two slats, pointed at the ends, which should be attached to the legs using special fasteners. Now special ski boots are already attached to the skis, so a person just needs to change his shoes.

On skis, walking on snow is much more comfortable than just wearing shoes, because the skis do not fall into the snow due to their surface area. Also, skis slide on the snow with their surfaces.

Also, people learned to ride down the mountain, pushing off the ground with the help of special ski poles.

Skis are not only used for walking on snow. With the help of skis, motorized sleighs and snowmobiles move through the snow, and the skis are also attached to the aircraft, which are to land on a snowy meadow.

Ski history and skiing games

The fact that they knew how to ski, our ancestors drew to us on the rocks. Similar drawings were found in the mountains of those regions of northern Russia and Scandinavia, where northern peoples lived thousands of years before our time.

On some cave paintings, you can see that certain peoples came up with the idea of ​​using skis for movement, which had different lengths, so that a person could push off with one ski.

Skiing is mentioned in numerous stories and legends. For example, Nor, who, according to legends, became the founder of Norway, came to the fjords on skis.

Ski sport appeared much later: only by the beginning of the twentieth century. All the time before that, skis were used only as a means of moving on the snow or for skiing games, downhill skiing as entertainment.

What skiing games do we have?

In the world of online computer games, a person's love for skiing is reflected in numerous skiing games. Since skiing is an Olympic sport, most skiing games are sports games.

Modern skis, on which athletes move along Olympic tracks, are very different from those wooden ones as they were originally. Now there are entire ski factories that manufacture skis from special grades of plastic that improve many of the qualities of skis. Since plastic materials are moisture resistant and can slide better, they are commonly used. The skis are covered with a special compound so that the snow does not stick to the ski.

For skiing from the mountains, special downhill skis are used, which differ from the usual ones. In the skiing games section there are also games in which you can ski down the mountain. For such skiing, special skis are produced, which are equipped with a number of additions. Also for such skis, special bindings and boots are provided. The heel of an athlete who is skiing must be very firmly fixed. Among cross-country skis, skating skis also stand out, which also differ in their modification.