This category of futuristic games contains games that have a futuristic plot. The graphics and design of these games, as well as the locations in which the plots develop, are made in a style that meets the requirements of futurism.

What is futurism?

If you love playing futuristic games, then you will be interested to know why they are called that. The development of such games is associated with such a concept as "futurism".

What is futurism? This was the name of the styles in which artists created their paintings and sculptures at the very beginning of the twentieth century. These styles received this name due to the fact that the artists tried to express in their paintings an idea of ​​what the future will be like in many years and even centuries. This style of art penetrated literary creation, where writers began to experiment with forms of literary works in prose and poetry.

In their works, artists and writers represented the future world as the most wonderful and best, and the reality in which the authors of these works themselves lived, they represented as useless and meaningless time.

Visions of the future in futuristic games

Since the direction of futurism has received wide development, now there are also many representatives of this direction.

You can see the manifestations of the style of futurism in films and TV shows, since most of the highest-grossing films of our time are created precisely under the influence of futurism and the authors' futuristic ideas about the future.

You can see the manifestation of futurism also in artistic creation, especially in the popular art of comics today. Since most computer online games are based on famous comics, films and TV series, as well as cartoons, the futuristic games category is one of the most demanded and popular among players.

Futuristic games are characterized by a special design, in which the graphics take into account the possibility that the world of the future will consist entirely of robots, so the graphics of games have a lot of sharp corners, cubism and geometry.

What futuristic games do we have?

If the world of the future will consist of robots, then the most popular plot in games is a plot where robots are the main characters. You can take part in robot racing, robot battle. You can also design robots yourself, come up with new options for them.

Another popular genre of futuristic games is the genre of car racing, as in the minds of game developers in the world of the future, cars will be completely different from what we use now. You will have the opportunity to test one of the cars of the future, learn how to drive and take part in races. Your vehicle can be more than just a car: you will also have the opportunity to experience the motorcycles of the future, the bicycles of the future and the aircraft of the future. And, of course, the world of the future is sure to be a world of space technology, so get ready to launch your own rocket to conquer outer space. You will have the opportunity to take part in space races and space battles. Such a chance will give you games.