Have you, of course, met games in which a huge green giant fights with entire armies of enemies? What do you think of this character? Is he a hero or an antagonist?

Hulk is a hero and one of the Avengers

Those who are aficionados of the Avengers comics and movies are very familiar with the character from Hulk games. The Hulk is on the superhero team, and it traces its history back to 1962, when the Marvel Comics Company first released a Hulk comic.

Previously, the Hulk was a common man, a scientist, Dr. Bruce Banner. But once during an experiment with radiation, something went wrong, and the doctor received radiation. As a result, he began to periodically transform into the Hulk. Thanks to the Hulk, the doctor also gains enormous strength, but his rage and anger takes control over him, so the doctor must control himself all the time. But the Hulk has other character traits: he is very smart and cunning, he knows how to weave intrigues. In some comics, the Hulk is a negative character, so you may well find hulk games in which the Hulk will take the side of evil.

What genres of hulk games do we have?

Among hulk games you can find a variety of genres and directions. Fighting and shooting games are the most popular genres, but there are also hulk games and racing games.

Since the Hulk at different times looked different and became either a negative or a positive hero, then a lot of hulk games were created.

If you remember that the Hulk is one of the Avengers team, then the largest number of hulk games can be found in the sections with games about superheroes and Avengers.

Since the Hulk is not afraid of water, fire, or explosions, it is very difficult to defeat him. But he alone can defeat an entire army. Therefore, you can often meet the Hulk in battle games. All hulk games are fantasy games.

Since the Hulk is a simple real person, he is not alien to human emotions and feelings, he may even fall in love and want to go on a date. For such an event, we have games in which you can come up with a new look for the Hulk and create a suitable outfit for him.

Hulk games plots and locations

The scene of hulk games can be any city on planet Earth, in which the next events take place. If there is an alien invasion, then the place of action of the game can be both on earth and in space. Hulk flies in spaceships and controls entire armies of aliens from the top of a skyscraper in New York. The Hulk could be anywhere.

The plots of hulk games can also include the interaction of the Hulk with other Avengers, or its separate story. If the plot of the game takes into account both states of the Hulk - before the transformation and after - then the player will have to control both of these states.

The player must understand that the Hulk has destructive power, so during the game it is necessary to ensure that innocent people do not suffer from the Hulk's actions.