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Games in the tennis games category are dedicated to the sport, which can be called the most noble and even the sport of aristocrats.

What is tennis games?

In order to understand the rules and features of tennis games, you should learn more about such an interesting sport as tennis.

This sport is particularly elegant and sophisticated. It is not for nothing that presidents and princes love him very much. Because tennis is graceful both in itself and in its design: in tennis games, athletes have a very beautiful sports uniform.

There are several types of tennis games. In different types of games you will see different rules.

Tennis rules are that you can play it one player and a pair against a pair. The meaning of the game is to use the racket to send the ball through the net to the other side of the playing field, where the opponent’s zone is located. But this must be done so that the opponent could not reflect your serve.

Tennis is officially one of the Olympic sports.

History of tennis games

Tennis games began their development in the 11th century, when 12 people could play a similar game, in which the balls were hit with a racket, but with a hand. This game was named jeu de paume, that is, a palm game. Historians claim that this game was created in monasteries. With the development of the game, special gloves appeared, which hit the ball, then bits were used, and only later did rackets appear.

With the advent of the grid and rackets in the game, the popularity of this game increased, and representatives of the authorities and the elite started to play it.

There is even a mention of tennis games in one of the works of Shakespeare. But still, this game was different from modern tennis. Only in the 19th century were rules developed that made the game look like modern tennis.

And on how to hold a tennis tournament, they first thought at the end of the 19th century. This idea occurred to Harvard students. They developed a scheme for holding such a tournament.

What is the advantage of tennis games?

If you are a beginner in tennis, then tennis games is just what you need, because in such games you can learn all the rules of the game and start playing, gaining experience.

In the tennis games category there are all genres and plots of tennis, all its types. Here you can play table tennis, tennis. Well-known people, politicians and athletes, celebrities can become your opponents. And you can play in the same team with characters from cartoons or movies, anime or TV shows.

Among tennis games there are very realistic simulators, and there are those that offer to play tennis in the most unexpected places - in the forest or in the middle of the beach, on a mountain peak or even in space. There can be any number of options and plots: the tennis games category has a wide range of games.