Who does not know what human curiosity is? You can be the most lazy person in the world, but if you suddenly hear about some unsolved secret, you will immediately find unprecedented vigor and will deal with the solution to this mystery.

What are mystery games?

To understand what you can expect from mystery games, you should first understand what a mystery is.

If you consider something that you don’t know as a secret, then such mystery games include games in which the player has to learn something that he did not know before. This may be the answer to some questions, or maybe a search for the missing elements. Most often these are scientific games that combine the search for answers to questions with training in the field of a science.

If you consider something that is hidden from you to be a secret, then in such mystery games the player will have to solve the secret that is being hidden from him by detractors. In such games, we are dealing with some kind of crime or conspiracy, and often someone’s salvation or well-being depends on solving the mystery. It can be quests or games in the category of find an item, such games can be associated with chases and shootings, with fights and even with huge military battles.

If you consider the hidden reason for something as a secret, then in such games the character will play the role of an insightful detective who is investigating an important secret case. He is trying to get to the bottom of the events, because if he finds the reasons for some event, then he will understand why it happened and who is responsible for it.

Mystery games are always connected with a riddle

At the center of any game in the mystery games category is the mystery of the game's developers. The whole gameplay is built on the player to unravel it.

Therefore, during the game you should pay attention to all the tips and advice that periodically arise in the game.

In most cases, mystery games are puzzles in which you need to find hidden objects. The scene of the game may be a secret room or an abandoned house, or an old castle or an empty mine. Wherever events take place, you will have to make a lot of efforts to solve the mystery of this place.

Different genres in mystery games

Often such games are combined with games of other genres: in games for finding objects or solving secrets, there may be elements of martial arts and shooters, they may need to drive vehicles or navigate in weapons.

If the place of the game is space or a spaceship, then you will need skills in controlling a spacecraft.

Also, the elements of puzzles can be combined with creative genres in which you need to construct your own aircraft or assemble a puzzle from puzzles, which will turn out to be a map and show the way to solving the mystery.

And the plot of such games can revolve around the search for treasures, and then you have to set off on a real journey, accompanied by a mass of dangerous turns and insurmountable obstacles. You will need to make many feats before you solve the mystery and find the treasure.