Sonic the Hedgehog! It is hard to imagine a more famous hedgehog than him. From this wonderful and sweet character, everyone is delighted - both children and adults. And if you still don’t know what kind of character this is, then let's get acquainted!

Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonicku Dza Hedihoggu

He owes his Japanese version of the name to the creators of Naoto Oshima (the artist who invented and painted Sonic), Yuji Nake (the programmer who settled the hedgehog in the virtual world and introduced him to the entire Internet) and Hirokazu Yasuhara (the designer who made him such a cool hedgehog). Thanks to these talented people, as well as to Sega, Sonic the hedgehog became a celebrity and hero of the video of Sonic games.
The blue hedgehog Sonic is able to run fast with the speed of sound, which is why his name is. Sonic games have different stories, but most often the hedgehog needs to go through the levels as quickly as possible and defeat all the enemies along the way. Sonic attacks his opponents by bouncing and curling up into a ball. Protect Sonic gold rings. In all Sonic games, he has to fight against his enemy, whose name is Dr. Eggman.

Success Sonic games

As soon as the games with Sonic the hedgehog appeared in the world, they immediately became incredibly popular. The success of these games became so great that Sega took the blue hedgehog Sonic as a mascot.

Sony has become not only the hero of online video games. Sonic the Hedgehog is a character in cartoons and comics, TV series and books, and with his participation one full-length film was even shot.

Sonic the hedgehog is dressed in unchanging red sneakers with white straps and yellow buckles. His blue color appeared by chance. At first, he was an ordinary brown hedgehog, but when Sonic got to Quintobor’s laboratory, he once overcame the sound barrier on a special treadmill, and the hedgehog’s needles turned blue.

Features Sonic games

Until now, it holds the first place in the ranking of the fastest characters in computer games. Sonic the hedgehog has a rather complicated character: he is a freedom-loving creature, he has his own rules of life and he is always ready to defend the one who is oppressed. And Sonic the hedgehog does not like to wait and do something slowly, so he is always in a hurry and nervous if someone is holding him back.

And Sonic games are exactly the same as their main character: in them everything is connected with speed and struggle. What can hedgehog Sonic do? Sonic can spin dash - it accelerates in place and rolls at huge speeds in the form of a ball. Sonic knows how to homing attack - he jumps, turns into a ball and attacks the enemy with homing. Sonic also knows how to transform into a superform and then becomes Supersonic, but for this he needs to collect seven Chaos emeralds. You will recognize Supersonic by the fact that his hair will turn golden, the needles will bend up, and his eyes will turn red.

The industry offers Sonic games in a wide variety of options, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure, two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. According to the plot of Sonic games, there are car simulators, and Japanese role-playing games, and games of various genres, including drawing and logic games.