Pokemon games have a huge number of fans around the world. There are so many fans of these charming monsters that sections of gaming sites with games are breaking records for attendance.

Who are Pokémon?

The name "Pokemon" is an abbreviation for Pocket Monster. The first pokemon games appeared in 1996. Then, on the Nintendo Game Boy’s handheld console, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red appeared.

These games immediately achieved incredible success, and the little Pokemon monsters themselves became famous. In some countries of the world, the popularity of Pokemon began not with games, but with an anime about Pokemon. According to the plot of the anime series, the boy Ash sets a goal to become a Pokemon master, and he goes on a journey with friends who help him achieve his goal.

Many years have passed, but Pokemon is still popular, and in the last few years there has been another wave of popularity of Pokemon.

The cult game Pokemon Go

A new wave of popularity of Pokemon brought the mobile online game Pokemon Go. This game captured the world very quickly: players had to walk the streets and catch Pokémon in augmented virtual reality. At the location of the Pokemon could arrange a duel.

This game has gained such popularity that the number of downloads has broken all records. Many good and bad situations were associated with this game, because careless players who walked the streets, carefully following the phone, even got into tragic situations.

Online games is an opportunity to play pokemon games and collect a collection of monsters while sitting at a computer or gadget and without leaving home, without putting yourself in danger. All games have colorful graphics, beautifully crafted stories and an exciting fantasy world.

Genres pokemon games

Pokémon penetrated all genres of online games. Among games you can find simple but exciting card games where you need to collect cards with a certain Pokemon, but for this you need to take a card from an online opponent or win it in a fair fight.

Another games genre is adventure, where the player will collect Pokemon during long trips and intense battles.

There are a lot of logical pokemon games, little monsters can be found in coloring games, in cooking games.

Charming Pokémon are very cute creatures, but they boldly rush into battle when you need to fend for yourself. Possessing the powers of earth and fire, water and air, they have amazing abilities. How many different types of pokemon are there? More than six hundred species of pocket monsters, and all of these species are listed in the Pokedex encyclopedia. And the variety of games is not inferior in quantity.

To catch a Pokemon, you need to be able to use a pokeball - the so-called trap that you can catch a Pokemon.

There are pokemon games with battles and fights, there are games in which Pokémon build towers from crystals, there are paintball with Pokémon. For girls, there are also a lot of games - there are games in which you can dress up Pokemon, there are online coloring games with Pokemon, and there are also puzzles with pokemon.